The Me as Designer Right Now.

It’s been a while since I started blogging and vlogging in the scene. I started doing it this year, I think February, yeah! I had this opportunity to spread my ideas and perception about Art and the things that I loved – that made some sort of interests.

An Introduction of Myself

I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I do design graphics and illustrations. I also do video editing and motion graphics. I am blogging as well for my platform, promotion and art movement. I am passionate to look for inspiration at Behance and I love to collaborate ideas and transform into one. I love seeing myself achieving some goals like providing a logo for my client/s, creating a design for events and earning feedback from other people, especially in my Instagram account because I used to post my recent works and I shared it through my Instagram accounts. It was hard to maintain the trust and consistency for others to add some pleasant and sort of ideas on my output, but I have a strong determination to keep myself in the game which I am able to drive from the competitive world, especially in multimedia industries. Nowadays people are evolving and can learn new things. Putting myself in hard times can strengthen my ability to think more things for a creative flair and outrageous ideas, which everyone can feel the big bang of it. I really love that. 





The Root of Everything

I’ve been through a lot of challenges and trials before. The first thing on my mind about trials was I experienced dealing with a mental illness which made me stop temporarily. I had several months of staying dark for a meantime and I had an emotional stage for deactivating from creating artworks even before the mental state acquired. But I had those faiths to bright up the chances of bringing back my works into new one.  So I innovate an illustration which it was not really my interest and now became my greatest strength to connect the world. In fact, I am happy for all the efforts that I spent last year and until now I’m still creating illustrations and writing a blog.



I believe that most of us having a hard time to set up creative ways of self-branding. I challenged before to make my own, but I grab that moment when I faced my hardest time and I fought long and survived. That’s why I have established Aldrincore Moshpit since 2011. Yeah! Finally, I had many supporters and I called them “Microsupporters” and those are the people who really supporting my ideas even in a small way of appreciation. Thank you, guys! And now I joined the world of blogging and vlogging and that would be my newest challenge to prove something to myself that I can do better. It’s just a transforming moment as an artist to try something different that can be more attractive and can gain more attention or a head turner on my part.


amcore blog cover april ennder2

Hopefully, I can stand for this craft and I really love collaborations and positive changes. I am always ready for any possibilities. That’s why I love my new self! 

Follow me on Instagram at aldrncoremoshpt (Personal Account) and aldrincoremoshpit (Artworks)



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