Ways To Absorb Creativity

I went to places where I can find happiness and ideas. Mostly, I went to shopping malls where I can see many window displays and brand posters. Sometimes, I visit the grocery store to look for a nice package design and criticize bad design in some quiet time. Upon on the aesthetics that I absorbed in my mind, is it enough to make creative things?

Here are my personal lists to absorb some ideas to make a new creative masterpiece or a sort of inspiration for your creative workflow and processes.

1.) Be an Explorer


We thought that searching is now on Google. Try to explore the outside world and look around the places where you can find the most colorful and brilliant scenes such as shopping malls, public market, and park. Yes, Google is the most effective tool to search those finds instantly, but looking around at the still life places can be more fun and you can personally interact with it.

2.) Snap or Write


I always bring my heavy bag because I have those personal things to write down notes and draw certainly on the ideas that I thought. When you are touring in the places, make sure you have your notebook and pen to write down those interesting words or a slogan for your branding ideas. Or, you can bring your smartphone for an instant snap.  Make sure to secure and mindful about those mall policies because other establishments are prohibited those activities like taking pictures of the window displays. Be a ninja sometimes and steal some snaps for your ideas.

3.) Listen to a song


Jazz, Pop, and RnB are those genres that I inspired to listen and motivates me all the time. Listening to songs can boost your creativity and can absorb new ideas. A good example for this is when you have a task to make a poster layout for a high-end restaurant,  the best music genre to listen is Jazz. A soft and calm melody of Jazz music can be similar to an ambiance of a restaurant if you wish to have a peaceful dinner date.

4.) Don’t Get Distracted To Social Media

kitchen etiquit

Instagram and Pinterest are the most interesting social media that I used. I had many ideas and inspirations in Instagram and I gained a lot of ideas to share something great for my snaps. BUT, don’t get distracted to your workflow because social media can stop you from doing things and can break your focus and attention. I was a victim of having a pass time to use my Instagram then I forgot that time is running so I need to finish my stuff ahead.

5.) Sharing is Loving


Try to communicate a designer friend for a creative process discussion or join a group that many designers and content makers are involved. I had many opportunities to attend a free or paid seminar that discussed many things and issues regarding on creative workflow. Mostly, group gatherings are into thought sharing, which you can hear some success stories and inspirations. Communication is the best way to make a pro-active support for your creative absorption.

The lists that I mentioned are based on my true-to-life experiences as a person who has a big interest to look and find those things that can help me to absorb many creative things and processes. Anyways, it’s my personal opinion and I’m confident to share my ideas so that everyone can relate and involve ahead. It’s much better if you look for other ways that you can absorb creativity.

Let’s continue to discuss more by simply leave a reply your concern about this topic. I am greatly appreciated if you have an opinion or thoughts you want to share.


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