A Café In The Air

I’ve been dreaming of riding in an airplane for once in my life. Since I was a kid, I used to chase mostly in the sky to see some flying airplanes that passed by. Now and then, I have my own list the things and to-do’s and I included the international travel goals on the list.

Surprisingly, I was amazed to know that there’s a newest café that surely everyone can love, especially for those who’re into travel geek.  It was located at Subangdako, Mandaue City in front of ADG I.T. Tower.


Inflight Cafe was inspired by an airplane scene which it can bring you to a dining experience in the air. All aboard! It was owned by a retired Captain and he expanded his passion and interest by putting up a theme café.

Mini Amusement


There’s an airplane flight deck (a cockpit) when you enter the Inflight Café which you can try to set down and experience the different types of control buttons and consoles.

Airplane Stuff



At the walls, there’s a lot of memorabilia of airplanes like gears,  airplane parts, vintage pictures and much more.

Dine Session



We had our great dining session after we took some snaps inside the Inflight Cafe. Anyways, here are the delicious snaps of Inflight Cafe dishes.

Flyer’s Buffalo Wings


Sweet and spicy buffalo chicken wings with sesame seeds. The taste was good, but I prefer to make it spicier.

Stewed Pork Ribs


A smooth stewed pork ribs with authentic sauce and steamed flavored corn on the side to add some flavors.



Other dishes on our table: Cheesy Nachos, Dodo’s Burger with fries and tomato catsup, Pizza Propeller, Bread and Butter and Bottomless Iced Tea.


Overall Review

The overall experience was great and I almost satisfied with the foods that served on our table.  I really love the Stewed Pork Ribs. The flavor of nachos was okay, but I suggest that the nacho chips must be plain flavor because the dressing was flavorful. Most of us were amazed by the concept of Inflight Café. It has a little bit of some improvements but as of now, I can give 7.5 out of 10. It’s more fun if they have their own signature food or dish that sounds so unique and can stand out. I am excited to visit Inflight Café again, soon.


Photo by: Emelie Anggoy www.emelieempire.com


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