Gabii Sa Kabilin Vlog Contest Entry

I joined the Gabii sa Kabilin Vlog contest last May 26, 2017.

Here’s a short detail about what’s happening during our Kabilin Photowalk, presented by Drift Stories, ASUS and Zenfone. Whoa!


Our first spot was at Museo Sugbo around 3 oçlock in the afternoon. Luckily, I received a special freebie from ASUS and Zenfone courtesy by Sir Herbert Kikoy of Drift Stories.

Museo Sugbo



We walked around and took many stunning photos on the specific spots that we visited.

Plaza Indepencia

A wide public plaza for outdoor activities such as picnic, exercise, school presentation rehearsals, outdoor workshops, and games.






Fort San Pedro

A historical military defense structure during the Spanish colonial era. Mostly we can see some Spanish artifacts, documents, paintings, and sculpture inside the Fort San Pedro premises.



Compania Maritima

This abandoned structure was built last 1910 and known as Fernandez Building. It was occupied by Shamrock Hotel during World War II and later it was destroyed during the Cebu City liberation on 1945. It was called “Compania Maritima “because it was occupied as the main office of Compania Maritima, one of the biggest shipping lines in Cebu City.



Senior Citizens Park

Senior Citizens Park was located in front of Cebu City Hall, unveiled on 2012 by the Cebu City Government as an accessible park for elderly citizens of Cebu City.



Magellan’s Cross

A famous historical spot of Cebu where it symbolizes the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan and his troups on March 15, 1521. Until now, many tourist and local folks are still visiting the Magellan’s Cross.



Cebu Heritage Park at Parian, Cebu City

This is the time we finally reached the Cebu Heritage Park where we can witness the various activities of Gabii Sa Kabilin 2017. Around 6 o’clock in the afternoon or evening, we able to visit the Cebu Heritage Park and we shoot some stunning spots on the site.

Cebu Heritage Park was built on 1997 to portray the hundred years of Spanish Colonial Era and the history of christianity in Cebu.


Yap -San Diego Ancestral House

Next to Cebu Heritage Park is the Yap – San Diego Ancestral House at Parian, Cebu City. The Yap – San Diego Ancestral House was constructed in the 17th-century where many hand carved furniture, art & a garden are still preserved.



Casa Gorodo Museum

The Casa Gorordo Museum was built in the 1850s. The Casa Gorordo Museum, formerly Juan Gorordo residence, offers guided tours, a gift/souvenir shop and a cafe as well.



1730 Jesuit House

Finally, we visited the 1730 Jesuit House where we can see many vintage artifacts from the Jesuits. This 280 year old house was operated by Jaime Sy and a business, Ho Tong Hardware, within the compound.


Here’s my official entry for Gabii Sa Kabilin Vlog Contest. I hope you enjoy watching my entry!


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