Meet the heroes of Safe Heaven


It was nice to meet the people behind the upcoming T.V. show/series of Safe Heaven to be aired on July 2017 at CCTN Channel  47. During the press conference of Safe Haven last June 10, 2017 at West Lobby, Parkmall Mandaue, they talked about the production and the things that we need to know about the Safe Heaven TV show.

The Safe Heaven is a  group of people trapped in an invisible barrier in a town full of mysteries. It is up for them to bond and work together to find a way to escape. The Safe Heaven TV show was directed by Jack Daniel D. Soler and he wrote also the story. Safe Heaven is produced by Ms. Maribell Diaz



The Challenges 

According to Jack, their challenges would be the time call, fight scenes and the equipment, especially in his costume. But they’re trying to make Safe Heaven as successful as what they expected. Most of the cast are really excited for the first episode to be aired in July.  Mainly, the Safe Heaven is in action movie, but they have love scenes, comedy, suspense, and drama. They never mentioned about who’s the main villain of the story, but it can be added as a thrilled and awaited part of the story and everyone will finish the whole episode. Well, this TV series can be a venue for those cosplayers who has a great potential to be a part of Safe Heaven.


The Cast of Safe Heaven

Jack Soler

Joshua Andrino

Ranrick Diaz

Minxie Villaver

Dianne Sabandeja

Charess Kurogane

Arvee Yap

Kerty Tabaña


For more info, you may visit Safe Heaven’s Facebook Page at


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