Vlog Episode 16: 500 Pesos Ukay-Ukay Challenge at Dalan Colon with Kath of Nested Thoughts

Saan aabot ang 500 pesos mo? Sa ukay-ukayan sa Dalan Colon.
Part 1

Part 2

A vlog collaboration with Kath of http://www.nestedthoughts.com and we treasured the ukay-ukay wonders at Dalan Colon, Cebu City PH. Our allocated budget is Php 500 pesos from head to toe items that can be found in 2nd hand clothing shop or we called it Ükay-ukay”. The Ukay-ukay capital of the Philippines is Baguio where you can find the longest and widest ukay-ukay shop in the street. Hopefully, we can visit Baguio someday in our convenient and durable time. Since Cebu has it all and ukay-ukay is included on the wonderful things can be found.

This is the part one of vlog 16. Watch out for the second part which we talked more about the items that we found and the total price of all items. Is it right for 500 pesos or are we exceed the allocated budget? Soon!

Music Credit: “Eraser” by Taeyeon | My Voice | SM Entertainment
No Copyright Infringement Intended. For Vlog purposes only.


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