I’m Aldrin. I was born in Talisay City and currently staying in Cebu City for work. At 24, I saw a lot of many things happened after of having a mental health issue. I suffered Anxiety Disorder last year 2016 and until now. Having mental illness was not a border to reach out the community. I spread my art movement through blogging by creating illustrations that portray a positive diversion and changes. Mostly I’m into illustrations and visual aesthetics.

Why I Blog

I do many creative things like painting, molding three-dimensional art, graphics design, and animation. The field of illustration is my strength to create something extraordinary and can touch many lives of other people. I wanted to share a simple D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) crafts that can be found in our home. Second, this would be my newest art movement to share some stories and reviews as content sharing propaganda in a positive way. Blogging is considered as a form of art by creating a content that visualized stories that can be considered also as a form of transit including communication and literature.

Just recently joined Cebu Blogging Community under WBC (Weekly Blogging Challenge) category last March 2017.

I worked with several bloggers to enhance their blog identity such as logo design. 

What is Aldrincore Moshpit all about?

Way back 2009, I made Aldrincore Moshpit as my screen name as an artist. The “Core” means hardcore, a music/band genre. The “Moshpit” is a term of moshing occurs in the concert. The whole meaning of Aldrincore Moshpit is; Aldrin is moshing in a hardcore band concert. Until now I’m still using Aldrincore Moshpit as my identity and my ego as an artist.